Love Seeing Stuff Like This.

This is the second times recently I’ve recognized a car from the local donation auction. This BMW sold for like $400 and this person is trying to pawn it off for $1000. Ha! Saw someone do the same with a Nissan S car, had a busted auto transmission and he bought it for… » 4/23/15 7:00pm Thursday 7:00pm

Whats happening to the republican party now is hopefully what happened to the Dems in the 70’s and 80’s, total transformation. Transformation in this case to a more “libertarian” view, and by that I’d say the next time we have a republican president the current conservative view on social issues will not exist in the… » 4/23/15 6:35pm Thursday 6:35pm

Just a Poorly Modified Tahoe? Nope. Its More.

Your standard poorly modified Tahoe would leave it at the over sized wheels and chrome aftermarket grill. This person has decided to go one step further. If you look closely this is no longer a Tahoe, but is actually the Hoe SS. It says Hoe SS multiple times. The owner also points out with badges that the Hoe SS is… » 4/21/15 4:51pm Tuesday 4:51pm

Pro-Tip Professors.

If you are gonna make a study guide consisting only of potential test bank questions three times larger than the entire test, then not release it until after the last class has been completed and only 4 days before the damn final at least give me some hint to what the answers are. I have 4 other finals, I dont have… » 4/21/15 4:01pm Tuesday 4:01pm