I Love How My Apartment Complex Has All the Weird GM Cars.

Burnt orange Cadillac CTS? We've got one. Oldmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible? Yup, got one. A 6th generation Cutlass with a landau top? Oh yeah got one. An Aveo with a shocking amount of rust? Yup. Plus special guest appearances by more Geo/Chevy trackers than you thought were road worthy, a pristine 80's caprice… » 10/23/14 8:27pm Yesterday 8:27pm

Someone On Reddit Summed Up The Michigan Tesla Issue Well.

I know everyone is pissed that this happened, but I think there's a misunderstanding on what happened to some degree. I'm posting this as a Tesla fan, let's look at the timeline and some facts:

  • The Legislature passed a bill unanimously in the state senate (38-0) and almost unanimously in the house (106-1).
  • This bill…
» 10/21/14 10:10pm Tuesday 10:10pm
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